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This topic helps you synchronize existing Order Statuses.

This page covers the following:

Synchronize Your Order Statuses

To improve efficiency of trigger emails and performance analysis, synchronize existing order statuses.

Synchronized order statuses help differentiate between complete and cancelled orders.


  • Sending a synchronization request with an empty order data array will trigger an error notification email
  • Incorrectly formatted data will trigger an error notification email
  • Perform the synchronization at least every 24 hours. Ideally - every hour via a scheduled cron event.
  • Do not send more than 1000 orders per request to ensure quick processing

To synchronize your Order Statuses on PersonaClick:

  • First, send us a request to enable the feature, at Otherwise, your POST requests will be rejected by our servers.
  • Send an HTTP POST request to the following URL:
    NOTE: Synchronization requests are processed asynchronously. When a request is succesfully processed, you will see "200 OK" in the HTTP status response.

          While sending, use the following HTTP header: 

Content-Type: application/json

         Insert your order statuses into the body of the request in the form of a JSON-string.
         Use the following structure for it:

	shop_id      - Store Key
	shop_secret  - Secret Key
	orders [       - Orders (in an array)
			id           - Order ID
			status       - Current order status

        To clarify, consider the following example of JSON-code:

	"shop_id": "42d9007b9660c8f2aada896d80690b80",
	"shop_secret": "1eb128cc88c19aasd182c273ad1410c0fa1",
	"orders": [
		{ "id": "1", "status": 0 },
		{ "id": "msk2", "status": 1 },
		{ "id": "IDDQD", "status": 2 }

         Also, consider the following PHP-script example.

Types of Order Statuses

For possible order statuses, consider the following table:

Paid and delivered1

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After the synchronization is set up, please, contact your personal PersonaClick Account Manager to enable Orders Tracking feature.

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