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This topic helps you set up Email Marketing Tool.

This page covers the following:

Configure Event Tracking

This section describes the necessary preliminary procedures.

PersonaClick's functionality is based on events tracking. Configure trackers before launching any email marketing campaigns!



TIP #1: you can find the section from the screenshot in your personal account on (Dashboard):

TIP #2: If your store is built on one of the CMSs for which PersonaClick has a plugin, the trackers will connect and get configured automatically - upon a completed integration via the plugin.



"View" and "Purchase" are a minimum number of events to consider the store connected to PersonaClick.

Specify the link to Your XML-file

Your Product Feed in the form of an XML-file contains all the products chosen to be displayed in the product recommendations.

This file is parsed to build a product database necessary for proper work of the product recommendations.

Please, specify the address to your XML Product Feed file in your personal account (Dashboard > Settings > Shop Settings).

NOTE: If you have already specified the link to your XML-file in your personal account on, parsing of your Product Feed is started the moment your store is connected.

After the parsing is done, you will see "Product feed import" notifications on the two following pages:

  1. Store Settings page (Dashboard > Settings > Store Settings)
  2. Product Catalog page (Dashboard > Products > Product Catalog)

If you have any trouble working out XML Product Feed or if within an hour after the connection still see "Product feed was not imported", please contact us at

Set Up Email Marketing Tool

This section helps you to adjust Mailing Settings, Trigger Scenarios and Trigger Templates.

Adjust Mailing Settings

First, adjust Mailing Settings in your personal account on (Dashboard > Emails > Mailing Settings).

To clarify, consider the following list of necessary actions:

  • Specify sender's name and email address. Those will be displayed to the clients in the emails.
  • Upload your logo. It will appear in the header of all your email templates.
    Choose the Mailing Service (email service) to carry out your mailing. Available options include: MailChimp, GetResponce.
    NOTE: PersonaClick is set by default.


IMPORTANT: For all the email services other than PersonaClick, you have to specify the API key for successful synchronization of selected email service with our platform.


Email changes status to "Unsubscribed" if:

  • Client clicked "Unsubscribe" in the email
  • Recipient server has rejected the letter

Enable Trigger Scenarios

Second, set up scenarios for Triggered Emails.

NOTE: To enable you to turn on Triggered Email Scenarios, PersonaClick needs to parse your XML-file.


Triggered Emails are a personalized interaction with your clients. These emails are triggered automatically by the client's actions and include personalized product recommendations.

To clarify, consider the following example:

  • a visitor comes to your online store, puts one to few products in the Shopping Cart, provides the email address and then leaves in a hurry to come in time to an important meeting. After a short time, PersonaClick sends this visitor an email triggered by the person's actions reminding about an abandoned cart. If no reaction, a follow-up reminder email is sent after 24 hours from the event. PersonaClick successfully returns up to 36% of your visitors.
    NOTE: these emails will also contain a block of highly targeted personalized product recommendation tailored to the given customer based on the browsing history and the data this person provided to your store.

PersonaClick enables you to choose from 10 different trigger scenarios:

Double Opt-inSubscription confirmationUsed once - for the initial sign-up for emails. Required for every triggered email to work, according to the regional anti-spam regulations.
Abandoned CartEarlier Abandoned Shopping CartAn automatic email sent to the visitors/customers, who left the store with an unfinished purchase.

Abandoned Cart Follow-Up


Later Abandoned Shopping Cart A follow-up reminder sent to the visitors/customers, who left the store with an unfinished purchase.
Regular PurchaseYou are low on the suppliesAn scheduled automatic email sent to regular customers to notify they are running out of the product (for example, liquid soap or milk).
Thank You LetterRecent PurchaseAn automatic Thank You email sent in a week to the customers, who purchased a product.
Most Interesting This MonthThe most interesting products in last monthAn automatic email sent to the visitors/customers, who haven't been active for the last 30 days.
Abandoned SearchAbandoned SearchAn automatic email sent to the visitors/customers, who looked for specific categories of products/specific products but left without a purchase
Abandoned CategoryAbandoned Category ViewAn automatic email sent to the visitors/customers, who browsed a specific category for a while but did not buy anything.

Abandoned View

Viewed but not bought

An automatic email sent to the visitors/customers, who browsed the store for a while but did not buy anything.
Back in StockProduct is in stock againAn automatic notification email sent to the visitors/customers, who subscribed to product availability status updates.
Price DropProduct's price dropped downAn automatic notification email sent to the visitors/customers, who subscribed to product price change updates.


Turn on/off Trigger Scenarios (Dashboard > Emails > Triggered Mailings):

To automatically turn on a trigger open its settings and switch the toggle to "ON".



In case you current account balance is zero:

  • Upon the first purchase, completed via these trigger emails, PersonaClick's CPC-commission will be withdrawn overnight, so the next day your balance will become negative and mailing will be terminated.
  • Commission withdrawal may occur more than once as more than one email-triggered purchase can take place within the previous day.

Customize Trigger Templates

For emails to have the same design template as your store, consider the three following options:

  • Customize our basic Trigger Email Templates via our built-in HTML-editor (available in the settings of each trigger)


    Do not forget to insert the {{ utm_params }} variable for PersonaClick to auto-add UTM trackers to each link in the email.

  • Purchase a pre-customized template in our Template Shop (Dashboard > Mailings > Templates Store)

Necessary Operations with Customer Database

This section explains how to work with your customer database on PersonaClick.

Import a Customer List

For proper work with your audience, import current customer database via your personal account on (Dashboard > Audience > Customer Database):


IMPORTANT: We have a spam policy. Lest any problems arise, please import your own database with subscribers, who actually agreed to receive your newsletters!

Manage Client Database

This section helps you understand the rules of Customer Database augmentation, check the subscription status and unsubscribe a client.

Customer Database Augmentation

PersonaClick automated email-collection feature gives the opportunity to keep in touch with every visitor. Even if this person did not purchase anything.   

Your Client Database on is slowly updated not requiring a direct manual import any updates via CSV-files.

PersonaClick automatically collects all email addresses submitted by visitors on any pages of your website, including the Shopping Cart page and. According to the unified procedure of double opt-in (regional anti-spam regulations in many countries across the globe), you are required to let your customers check a "I agree to receive letters concerning updates on my orders and news" checkbox and receive a second, final, confirmation via a confirmation email.



If you are currently using your own forms or any third-party services for collecting visitors' contacts, you should consider adding these aggregated contacts manually to your Customer Database at PersonaClick. This will ensure a better productivity of your Email Marketing Campaigns.

Check Client Subscription Status

Check if an email address is in the database:

Unsubscribe a Client

Unsubscribe a client with a single click at any moment:


Email changes status to "Unsubscribed" if:

  • Client clicked "Unsubscribe" in the email
  • Recipient server has rejected the letter

Segment Your Audience

Audience Segmentation allows you to tailor Product Recommendation in triggered and marketing emails to each client, showing only what this person needs and has an interest in.

PersonaClick creates dynamic segments based on common behavioral patterns in different groups.

PersonaClick provides two types of segmentation to help you improve your Email Marketing Campaign:

  • Automatic ABC Segmentation by purchasing activity. Our smart ABC Segmentation successfully involves subscribers, who show little activity and stimulates the interest of loyal customers with discounts and special offers.

    To clarify the pattern, consider the following example:


    "A" group consists of 15% of the customers - people, who spent the most in your store within the last 60 days.

    "B" group consists of 35% of the customers - people, who spent less than group "A" within the same time period.

    "C" group consists of remaining 50% - people, who made at least one purchase in your store within last 60 days.

  • Manual Segmentation (coming soon!). Manual Segmentation allows you to upload your own custom client lists, rearrange clients, aggregate them into groups (for example, people, who purchased brand-specific products or viewed products in particular category within the last 4 weeks).

Set Up a Personalized Campaign

This section helps you set up a Personalized Email Campaign and explains the difference between standard and personalized campaigns.

Typical conversion rate of standard Email Campaigns is less than 0.5%. A Personalized Campaign with precise targeting through personal Product Recommendations tailors offers to each particular client and increases conversion rate by a whole %10.

How to Set Up a Personalized Campaign

  1. Navigate to Digest Emails in your personal account on (Dashboard > Emails > Digest Emails).
  2. Press Create New Email Campaign:

  3. In the Settings of the created campaign create an Introductory Letter (a text every client will see above the Recommendation Block):

    Example of an Introductory Letter

  4. Save the draft.
  5. In Digest Settings (where you are auto-forwarded to after step 4) adjust the following options of the campaign:
    • Send the Test Newsletter - this option allows you to check how your emails look on the other end.
      TIP: Open the received letter in various browsers and mobile email clients to check cross-compatibility to ensure it looks the same everywhere.
    • Make The Copy - this option allows you to make a copy of a well-designed draft for future use.
    • Activity segment - this option allows you to choose the audience segment to better tailor your message to the particular target group.
      NOTE: Default value of this option is All subscribers.
    • Name - this option allows you to set the name for the campaign to differentiate it from any other in your Campaign List.
    • Newsletter Subject - this option allows you to set the letter subject (header).
      NOTE: An email header is the first thing your client sees. The right header is a crucial point in every email campaign.
      TIP: Avoid spam trigger words and keep the header within the 50 symbols limit.

     NOTE: This page has a unique address for each mailing campaign (for example


Advanced Mode

Optionally you can switch to Advanced mode to set a more detailed email template for your campaign.

IMPORTANT: If you switch your template from Advanced to Standard editing mode, all your alterations made to the current template (even if you saved everything manually before switching) will be lost. To save the changes make a copy of the template prior the switching.

PersonaClick and Third-Party ESPs

PersonaClick has a solution for your other email marketing tools.

PersonaClick can integrate your other account (in another email marketing system) you have been using and enable you to use your old trigger templates, inserting product recommendations into them.

Alternatively, you can combine our trigger templates with your ESP platform.

Consider the following list of systems available for cross-integration:

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